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FAQ for electric dog fence

Dog Fence instruction manual
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Q: Is it suitable for my dog?

A: The system is suitable for small (at least 10 kg), medium to large dogs. The receiver collar is adjustable up to 70 cm.

Q: How does a pet fence work?
1. Set up a boundary and put a receiver collar on your pet.
2. He hears a warning tone if he approaches the boundary.
3. He feels a static correction if he tries to go past the boundary.

4. One fence can protect all your pets.

Q: What is the thickness of the wire?

A: The thickness is 1.3 mm.

Q: Can I use a thicker wire?

A: It is recommended to use the cord that came with the transmitter. A thicker cord may shorten the life of the transmitter and will void the warranty.

Q: Does this cord have to be underground?

A: It does not have to be underground, but can be attached to the fence if available.

Q: Can I use more wire?

A: Yes, more wires can be added, but the total length cannot exceed 300 meters.

Q: How much land does 200 meters of wire cover?

A: A 200m cord covers up to 656 feet (0.617 acres) and a 300m cord covers up to 984 feet (1.23 acres). We recommend measuring the length and width of your property.

Q: What are the strap/collar sizes?

The receiver collar is adjustable up to 70 cm.

Q: Where should the collar be worn on the dog?

A: The collar should be located on the lower side of the dog's neck, under the chin. This position eliminates the possibility of the collar loosening and gravity causing the collar to slide around the dog's neck, which could result in injury.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: It can last up to 2 weeks to 2 months depending on how often the collar is used and how much the dog barks. It only takes 2-3 hours to fully charge.

Q: What can I do to prevent skin irritation or redness?

A: Avoid leaving the collar on your dog for more than 8 hours a day. If possible, reposition the collar around the dog's neck every 1 to 2 hours . If irritation occurs, discontinue use for at least a few days and consult your veterinarian. It is recommended to use the rubber protection that comes with the system.

Q: How effective is the system?

A: Approximately 95% effective, depending on the size, breed, age and temperament of the dog.

Q: Can I return my item if it doesn't work for my dog?

A: We do not accept returns if the product does not work for your dog. We cannot 100% guarantee that the collar will fit your dog. Most of our products are between 75-99% effective on most dogs, depending on the size, breed, age and temperament of the dog. Please read the full item description before purchasing a collar or contact us for more information.

Q: What are some important training tips?

A: Always test the collar with a test light first. It can take a few days for a dog to learn where the boundaries are, make sure you supervise your dog while wearing the collar.

Q: Where can I purchase additional/replacement parts?

A: For additional collars, click here. For additional cords, click here. To replace the transmitter, click here.

Q: I think my collar is defective or not working for my dog.

A: First, make sure the transmitter is turned on. Second, make sure the collar is fully charged. Make sure you use at least 50 meters of wire, not more than 300 meters. Make sure the transmitter is kept away from sunlight and any electrical equipment. If the signal seems too weak, change the position of the transmitter. Make sure the collar is not too loose. In some cases, you may need to shave off some hair to ensure that the pins touch the skin.

Q: Under what environmental conditions does the Masbrill 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence perform best to ensure dog safety and effective training?

A: The Masbrill 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence is designed to achieve optimal performance in various environments, including both indoor and outdoor settings. It is suitable for homes with small to medium-sized yards, making it ideal for residential areas, rural regions, and wooded environments. However, it should be noted that the presence of thick walls can reduce the signal range in certain directions by approximately 20-25%. Therefore, when placing the transmitter, consider open and unobstructed locations for the best results.

Q: What are the main obstacles that may affect the performance of the Masbrill 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence?

A: The main obstacles that may affect the performance of the Masbrill 2-in-1 Wireless Dog Fence include thick walls and dense objects. These obstacles can reduce the range in specific directions. It is recommended to find an open and unobstructed location for the transmitter to ensure optimal performance.