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A: You can send an email to Masbrillofficial@gmail.com, or leave us a message on our live chat. We answer all customer requests within 24 hours on business days.

Q: My bark collar or dog training collar is not working, can I return it or get a replacement?
A: Visit FAQ FOR DOG TRAINING & BARK COLLAR for troubleshooting. If the collar is still unresponsive and within the 30-day trial period, please contact Customer Support at Masbrillofficial@gmail.com to see about a replacement.

We will ask for visual confirmation (photos or videos). Video confirmations can be 10-30 seconds and of the testing steps being demonstrated. Please submit photos/videos as an attachment (JPEG, PNG, MOV, PDF). DO NOT send links as these will not be opened or accepted.

Once confirmation is received, our support team can review and move forward with submitting an order for replacement. Should your request or confirmation be received after the 30-day trial period, it will be ineligible for a replacement.

Q: My item arrived damaged, can I get a replacement or refund?
A: Contact us immediately at Masbrillofficial@gmail.com and provide us with photos of the item in the condition in which it arrived.

Once confirmation is received, our support team can review and submit an order for replacement. Should your request or confirmation be received after the 30-day trial period, it will be ineligible for a replacement.

Q: I received my order, but one of my items is missing, what can I do?

A: Be sure to contact Masbrillofficial@gmail.com within 5 days of receiving your order. If the package appears tampered with, we encourage you to also submit a claim with the carrier.

Please verify the packing slip which will list all items enclosed in your package. Should any items listed be missing from the package contact us with photo verification of the following: packing slip, all contents from the package, and the shipping label.

We do ask to be notified immediately of any potential missing items. Should the order delivery date surpass 5 days and we have not received the verification requested, we will assume the order was received in accordance to our records and therefore we will be unable to offer any sort of compensation.

Q; I got a replacement, but would prefer a refund. Can I do a return?

A: Yes, if you are still within the 30 day trial period of the original order, you may return for a refund.

Q: My tracking says it was delivered, but I did not get it.
A: There have been situations where the package may be preemptively marked as delivered, but is still on the truck and will be delivered within 48 hours. Be sure to check parcel lockers, ask neighbors or a manager if you live somewhere with a leasing office or mailroom.

If the package has not turned up after 2 business days, contact your local post office and file a claim, you can submit it on the USPS website (https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Missing-Mail-The-Basics).

For FedEx packages, consider signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager so you can manage your deliveries in the future. https://www.fedex.com/apps/fdmenrollment/

After filing a claim, provide us with a copy of the claim and its results. Once we receive confirmation, we can proceed.


A: If your payment is persistently declined, please make sure you enter your payment details properly as written on your card. If the issue persists, contact the bank that issued your payment card to find out the reason for these declines.


A: Orders are as unique as our four-legged friends. It takes a different amount of time to process different orders, and delivery time depends largely on your location. You can learn more on our Shipping Policy page.


A: Our fulfilment centers are located in the USA and PRC.

Q: Is the website secure?

A: You can feel safe making purchases on our platform because your data is encrypted and protected at all times. Rest assured your order will be placed safely and securely.

Q: Can I use more than one discount code in a single order?

A: Discount codes cannot be used in conjunction with one another unless otherwise stated.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?

A: On occasion you may see a promotion on social media or receive an email regarding a promotion.

Be sure to have all qualifying items in your cart and to input the code at checkout.